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A Sympl Story

We create functional, durable, repairable products that reduce our impact on our planet. We support the innovation of processes, materials and fabrics that push our industry towards a more sustainable and regenerative future. We reinvest in our planet by supporting environmental efforts that protect and restore nature from collecting plastics in the sea to supporting the reforestation of our kelp forests that sequester carbon and mitigate climate change, provide food and shelter for countless species from seals to seabass all the while breathing climate resiliency into our coastlines and coastal communities. And this is just the start. In the coming years we will be double down on these commitments, learn and iterate, collaborate and reciprocate. It’s not lost on us that saving our home planet will require a groundswell. Join us.

Putting the planet first.

We believe and strive to accomplish 4 core values in everything we do: Use sustainble materials, responsible manufacturing, sustainable packaging and partner with like-minded ambasadors to support our innitiatives.

Sharing Our Initiatives.

Whether hosting a full-scale beach beach clean-up or rallying for reforestation in coastal environments, we constantly remain engaged in environmentally friendly activations.

Our 4 Core Values.

We hand select our ambassadors who share our 4 core values with intention around our sustainable initiatives and goals, and work closely with neighbors and ally's to organize beach, waterway and community clean ups to remove trash and plastics from these areas across the globe to help for a better tomorrow.

Long Lasting Materials.

We believe the ultimate sustainability is defined by products that last longer, which is why we choose durable, eco-friendly fabrications throughout our entire range of goods. 

Sustainable Materials.

Some of our material innovations include 97% recycled CORDURAⓇ Nylon, 100% recycled Repreve post consumer plastic bottle based fabrics, biodegradable foams, solution dyed YKKⓇ zippers, and Bluesign Certified Duraflex hardware, all paired with FSC certified ecycled and biodegradable packaging.  

Earth Friendly Packaging.

From that fresh unboxing moment to the elemental protection and durability that keeps your goods looking new longer. This approach is also applied to our packaging through recyled, biodegradable and FSC certified materials across our entire packaging range. You won’t find excess or harmful materials with our products, so you can discard of our packaging feeling confident that you wont be harming our planet.

Responsible Manufacturing.

We carefully hand select our manufacturing partners to ensure they use economically sound processes that minimize negative impacts while conserving energy and natural resources. We do not work with any manufacturing partners that use child labor, and all employess are paid fair wages.


Our sustainability innatiatives are always evolving, we’d love to hear your feedback or ideas on how we can do better. Let us know your thoughts so we can make this world a better place together.