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Nº1 Surf Traction


The grippiest and least abrasive surf traction that won’t tear you up like wax.


Buy now, pay later, or split it

Pay in installments with Klarna,.

Easy Returns

If you don’t like it, return it. But we doubt you will.

Industry Leading Warranty

5 year industry leading warranty.


Protect the planet, It’s symplº

The Grippiest & Least Abrasive Traction

On your next board.

Eco-Good™️ Biodegradable Foam.

All our pads are ECO-GOOD™️
and will breakdown in landfill.
(microbe-rich environment)

Sleek Design

Designed, Tested and Approved by the Sympl Surf Team.

Groovy Grooves, Anti-Rash.

The grippiest and least abrasive traction that won’t tear you up like wax/ no wax rash.


2 pcs. – No Arch – High Kick Ultra Thin & Ultra Light. Available in Black, White, Black & Maroon.

Good for your surfing, Good for the environment.

Made with Eco-Good™️ Biodegradable Foam.

Maximum on Grip, Mellow on Rash.

Anti-rash grip for form-fitted performance.

The ECO-GOOD™️ Process